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DataCNC - Affordable Custom CNC Cutting Service for your needs

You can use DataCNC Machining service for all your CNC Cutting, CNC Turning, Laser Cutting needs. Let's quote the fastest way and put your project into production. No stressful waiting times, no extra tooling costs.

Fast CNC Cutting Service

Speed is most important thing in manufacturing business. And from coming the roots of manufacturing we understand and know from anyone else.
For this purpose we always give our best time plan to manufacture your CNC machining needs.

Micron Precision

High speed machining comes with high quality surface finishes and tight tolerances.
We are working with modern processes for best surface qualities.

Affordable Cutting Process

We have best speed and manufacturing capacilities with lower costs. You don’t need to pay overprices.

We believe to customer satisfaction for multiple ordering. For this we work best.

Expert & Active Team for Agile Projects
Cad & Cam Expertise
Commercial Production

We are working with our active team to make your projects, mass productions and product designs a reality. With the machines in our infrastructure, we guarantee that we will offer you the best in terms of both cost and speed with modern, innovative solutions.

CNC High Speed Drilling & Tapping

Drilling and tapping lots of holes in steel and alloys needs special tooling processes.

High quality finishes.

Special fluted end mills produce superior finishes on materials.

What Our Customers Said About Us

In my country, same part quoted for 2 times more. I gave a chance to test and parts arrived to me in few days.

Andrzej Zielinski  – Poland

I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. Within 1 hour, they got a response from my estimate with an appropriate vertical process production offer. The products arrived in the next week with fast shipping. I would recommend it to everyone, Assalamualaikum

Muhammad Faisal – Qatar

We used cnc turning service for the rocket head mold of our school team. You have a relevant production understanding, I would like to work again.
Igor Santos  – Brazil

With Datacnc service, I completed the production of the optical mold part in record time. Thank you to the team.

Vlad C. – Romania

No tool marks, completely clean surfaces. We had used for some CNC steel mold cutting parts.

Frederic Marchand – France

I used DataCNC for my robot project’s brass parts. I liked company’s behavior on project management.

Neil Cortes  – Mexico

Some Customer Projects from Our Facility

FAQ for CNC Machining & DataCNC

How can I send you my 3D file?

Please use our web form. If it is not working send us email to: data [@] datacnc.com

What file types you accept?

We are accepting all modern 3D files, usually our customers sending step (.STP) format files. You can export from your 3D design software.

I have only 1 piece part, is it expensive to machine?

No, actually we don’t take any tooling price so for your prototype needs also you can choose our service.

Which payment methods you accept?

You can pay online thorough SSL payment page or our another payment option is Bank transfer (Swift). Wire transfers can take few days, keep in mind please.

Do you machine other metal alloys not listed?

Yes, depending on stock we can machine. Some customers may want special aerospace alloys, please contact us and we should look to it.

What is the accuracy of parts?

There are lots of factors that affects. For holes our tolerances is likely 0.1mm (0.004 inch) and for linear dimensions tolerance is 0.05mm (0.002 inch).