As Datacnc, we make active cargo abroad.

Thanks to the shipping companies we work with, we are able to ship worldwide. After the process is completed, we send you an email informing you of the shipping status.

Express shipments can take 2 days for Europe and America and 3 days for other countries. Both us and the shipping companies we work with are fast.

Which Shipment Options I can choose?

We work with all cargoes you want and are in our country:

Our main shipment services:

  • UPS
  • DHL

How is Pricing?

Pricing We can give a net price after production, but you can get a price with the table below.

The main factor that directly affects the shipping charge is weight. With every kg increase, the shipping fee will increase a little. We keep this increase to a minimum with our cargo companies agreements.

About Customs Procedures

We do the customs billing as you wish. Unfortunately, since the customs procedures of each country are different, we cannot help you as DataCNC. You are responsible for your country’s customs costs and procedures.