We ask you to fill out this form at main page.

The most important part of the form is to write your email correctly and send it to us in a 3D file format (Step is the most common format) you use.

If you think you could not send your file, you can also send your files and information to the data [@] datacnc.com email.

We expect you to choose the material.

After the material selection, we ask you to choose the Alloy type or Carbon fiber thickness from the additional menu on the right.

How will the post-form process work?

You uploaded your file in the form, entered the information and clicked on the message. In the process after we receive your file, we determine the costs according to the type of transaction and inform you in the fastest way.

The factors that determine the cost:

Material type: For example, there can be a high cost difference between titanium and steel.

Alloy type: There will be differences between alloys according to the machinability and raw material cost. For example, there is a 20% difference between 6061 aluminum and 7075 aluminum.

Minimum tool nose: Thin grooves, deep holes are other factors that affect the cost. Processing Time:

Extra finishing

An Example Scenario

On the same day (usually within the same hour) after the following part is sent to us, we mail you the cutting price in detail and send you a payment link.

After approval and payment, the transaction is queued.

Thanks to our parallel running machines, this period usually allows us to process your part within a day.

Although production is shaped according to the number of products, preparation, tooling and cutting time of the sample part is a total of 3 hours.

After the product is ready, it is checked with CMM and we inform you during the invoicing and shipping process and send it to the shipping company you prefer.

The express delivery time of express parts by express shipments is 2 days for Europe and the USA, and 3 days for other countries.

When you take all the steps into account, your piece will come from design to reality within 1 week!

Click on our form now and submit your piece to experience a real process.