CNC service payment

After submitting the form and your confirmation, we send you a link where you can pay. You can pay this link by credit card or debit card. Unfortunately we can not accept American Express cards, we can only receive payments by Visa and MasterCard.

Apart from that, you can also send us the cutting fee with our alternative payment methods such as bank transfer and MoneyGram and Western union. We are very open to all payment methods.

How much payment I need to pay first?

After agreement you can pay %50 of total production price. When process finishes we are sending you all part’s photos and you can send remaining %50. After that we are shipping & informing you with shipment information link.

What if I want to cancel?

Unfortunately, after production starts we can not cancel process.

How much time takes Bank transfer?

This payment arrival time depends on your country. But from old orders we saw that usually 1 day. In very rare situations it can take 3 days.

Can I pay parts when they arrived to me?

Unfortunately we don’t have that service. Payments needs to be finished before shipment.