What is Fixture?

They are auxiliary apparatus that are used to place, fix and support parts in the fixture design or production process. For this reason, fixtures have become an important part of automation-based production, quality control and assembly lines.

Rather than complex measurement and control methods, it aims to measure surfaces, cutting lines, bending lines and holes in a simpler and faster way, thus facilitating us in mold exercises and at the same time contributing to the measurement, control and evaluation of complex and difficult to measure parts.

It is possible to examine the fixtures in three main parts. These:

  • Mounting fixtures
  • Control fixtures
  • CMM fixtures

Mounting Fixtures

By many companies, especially mass production companies;

– Shortening assembly times
– To increase worker ergonomics and protect their health
– Serial mounting apparatus used to increase dimensional accuracy.

Control Fixtures

One of the most important issues for manufacturers of serial parts such as plastic and sheet metal parts is the verification of product quality. Especially in companies with a lot of mass production such as the automotive sector, they are devices that make it easier to ensure the dimensional, dimensional compliance and control of parts that cannot be measured with hand tools such as calipers and micrometers or have a complex structure that is difficult to measure and takes a long time.

CMM Fixtures

They are quality control devices that facilitate the serial and precise measurement of the manufactured parts in cmm measuring devices. Cmm fixtures in many serial quality control processes, especially in the automotive industry;
– Reducing the quality control time
– By fixing the parts, it facilitates the accurate measurement of components such as bend lines, channels, holes of especially complex parts.
– Ensuring the accuracy of the measurement of asymmetrical or non-rigid parts that may be deformed
It is used mainly for its purposes.

Fixture Manufacturing in CNC

In the field of Data Machine to perform your request our expert team of engineers and our drawing team in Istanbul, Ankara and Bursa, especially in Turkey and Mexico, Japan, across many countries in the world such as Qatar are serving our industry for 21 years.

We are at your service to meet your male-female (male-female) molds, fixtures and other needs with high precision and low tolerances up to micron level with our machines with high technology and fixtures suitable for your designs, production lines or control group.

Control of Fixture Manufacturing in CNC

We deliver your fixture, mold or special designs that we have completed with high precision and quality by using various control methods such as CMM, gauge, paint test, comparator.

How long does it take to produce fixtures in CNC?

3D design (CAD / CAM) drawing of your fixture, mold or product is first completed by our design team and submitted for your approval before the process. After the approval, we carry out the process in our high-tech machining centers, and after the process, we deliver it after many control phases such as size, size and surface cleaning requested by our engineers. On average, the time from 3D design to delivery (excluding shipping times depending on cargo or shipping), we deliver between 24 hours and 1 week (may vary in multiple quantities [150 and above]), depending on the size and required processing characteristics.

Can I Order Single Unit For My Fixture, Mold or Custom Design at CNC?

As DataCNC, the most important issue for us is your satisfaction. In this direction, of course, in order to meet your needs in your single orders and to minimize your maturity, we can make CAD / CAM as soon as possible without taking any extra tooling money.

Why Should I Choose DataCNC for CNC Fixture Manufacturing?

As DataCNC, we can explain the results of the feedback we receive from you as follows:

  • Fast Delivery
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Low Margin of Error, High Sensitivity
  • High Technology Machines
  • Control with Different Precise Measurement Methods for Product Control

What is the Delivery Time in CNC Fixture Manufacturing?

After the completion of 3D design, processing, quality control and packaging of your fixture, mold or special designs, we ensure that our products reach you between 4 hours and 72 hours with our company’s vehicles depending on the cargo or with the cargo.