What is Mold?
It is a mechanical tool made of durable steel prepared for mass production of products made of metal or plastic materials such as pens, mobile phones, televisions, automobile parts…

Mold Production:
The process from the idea stage of the plastic or metal material to be produced to the mass production is the mold production. Due to the direct effect on the final product, mold manufacturing is very precise and requires technical workmanship, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines, which require modeling, drawing and processing in computer environment with advanced technology software, that shape steel at the rate of 1 micron or less (one thousandth of a millimeter) production process.

Model design is the first stage of mold production. There is no concrete product at this stage. The finished version of the product with the desired features and dimensions 3D CAD (3D design) is designed in computer environment with various engineering applications.

3D technical drawings of the product’s error margins and finished version are created. Programs such as Solidworks, Autodesk, NGX, Catia are used.

Before the production of the mold with the prepared 3D Cad / Cam data begins, a sample / prototype is prepared and presented to the manufacturer. The manufacturer determines the missing points and conveys the necessary additional requests and gives approval for being ready for mass production.

Cad / Cam operations are completed by making the necessary corrections with the approval of the manufacturer. The core part or center part that forms the main body of the mold is processed by the operators with molding knowledge in machines such as CNC, Milling, Turning.


While the core parts and parts are being processed, the technical staff supervises the mold production process and prepares the mechanism such as cores, thrusts, column pins that will perform the mechanical operation of the mold. Mold at the end of all these processes; It is subjected to processes such as polishing, heat treatment etc.

Finally, the mold gets a mechanical structure to open and close with the combination of all these industrial parts. After the production process is finished, the mold is made ready for delivery and delivered to the manufacturer.

Although the working principles are basically the same, the molds are basically divided into two. These:

-Plastic Injection Molds

Lower working temprature, lower quality finish. Can be used with Alumold or low strength steels.

-Metal Injection Molds
Higher working temprature, high quality satin finishes.

Sample Mold Models:

How we Quote for Molding?

First quote factor is material. For fast prototype molds we use Aluminum alloy molds, for longer strength molds we use AluMold alloys. And lasty we can cut&process steel molds.


Aluminum, Small production (max 1000 pieces), small volume molds.

Alumold: 1000 to 10000 pieces, no volume limit.

Steel: High count mass production material molding (Up to 100.000)